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Cancer Kids First 

Cancer Kids First offers several remote and in person volunteer opportunities. Volunteers help to build a support system for children struggling with cancer. 

Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force

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The Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force is a non profit organization devoted to collecting and donating food to local families in need. 

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MedCreate is a nonprofit that focuses on combining the world of medicine with creativity like writing and art. 

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Grassroots Grocery focuses on bringing food pantry access to New Yorkers facing food insecurity with food drives and deliver. 

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The Fuller Center volunteers help to provide affordable housing for people in need with hands on construction projects. 

The Stem Alliance

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The Stem Alliance offers high quality STEM education for younger children.

County Harvest

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County Harvest is a food rescue organization that connects "food donors" with agencies that serve people in need. 

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The Mamaroneck Marine Education Center is based on the Long Island Sound. Volunteers can do hands-on work to better the Sound's ecosystem. 

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Midnight Run is an organization that connects homeless people in New York with local caring volunteers. 

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SoundWaters is an organization that focuses on bettering the environmental aspect of the community. 

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The Sharing Shelf is an organization that addresses the issue of clothing insecurity in Westchester County. 

VoM Environmental 

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Volunteer for various workshops, events, and fundraisers to help boost environmental progress.

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