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The Fuller Center


The goal of the Fuller Center organization is to connect people in need of housing and wealth with local volunteers through school groups and churches. They strive to provide affordable housing for people in need of simple and affordable housing and accommodations. 


Local Projects: Volunteers will come together to help out in the community. They will work together to aid houses struggling from natural disasters as well as help to build new homes. This provides a great opportunity for volunteers to work together and create connections with people in need. The Fuller Center encourages signing up in groups to help build, but there is a wide range of opportunities for you and or a group of people. 


Community Gardens: The Fuller Center believes that saving families through energy efficient homes is extremely beneficial. They have been including energy saving features into the homes. Volunteers can reach out to to get involved and help spread energy efficient homes throughout New York. 


Global Projects: The Fuller Center opportunities are not limited to Westchester. There are opportunities to help out all over the world and the organization creates trips that immerse the volunteer with that culture as well as help out people in need. 

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